Sunday, April 5, 2009

Test your computer for the Conficker C virus

Last week there was a lot of media hype about the "Conficker" virus. Here's some important stuff to know:
  • Microsoft released a patch for this vulnerability in October of 2008
  • It only affects Windows computers, not Macs or Linux
  • If you keep your Windows box up to date, with patches and anti-virus, you should be reasonably well protected. That's why they release patches after all.
Here is a simple test to see if your computer has the conficker virus. As confickor blocks some AV sites (100+) this simple test uses your browser to see if the virus is blocking those sites. If you see all six squares you probably do not have the virus. If not you most likely have one of the conflicker series or other malware according to the links below the image.

I hope you computer is clean. :-)